Private Party with the Midnight Ramblers

I am writing this in the car on my way home from this one…

I was contacted a month or two ago by a friend of my father to provide lighting for a private event. The band is called Midnight Ramblers, and they were a pleasure to work with. Their setlist was packed with older classics; from Santana to The Who, this was probably the best setlist I’ve ever programmed light shows for. My lighting prep started way later than I would have liked, as I did not get a setlist until about two weeks prior to the event. As such, programming the shows was a little more crammed and I didn’t get to get as intimate with the songs as I prefer. The show, however, did not reflect this. The crowd was very well receptive to the various effects used for different songs, and the band appreciated the connections the lighting made with the songs. Setup was easy in that I was only running lighting, and no PA. Setup was difficult, however, because I was trying to maneuver around the backline which had been setup before I arrived. I have made a mental note to myself to at least try to get the major pieces in place before the backline goes up.

No technical issues arose during the show, other than me forgetting to make sure the VNC server on my fog controller computer was enabled. (I have one computer connected to the fog controller, and remote into it with my new tablet) Another mental note was taken there to verify that all computers are configured as they would be needed for the show before leaving the house. I was able to fix that issue during intermission, and by the time the sun set and the second set started, my fog was pumping, my position palettes were set, and I was ready to go. The second set went off very well, the lights were effective, and the audience was much more responsive than than they were in the first set. (Because the sun had set). All in all, the show was a great success, and gave me a couple of important takeaways.

  • Always verify show computers are configured before arriving at the event
  • Request to get in before the band to get lighting up before backline.

Clocks At Coffee House

When I was a Freshman in high school, I covered Coldplay’s Clocks on piano for an event called “Coffee House,” which is basically an open mic night.  Right before I should have hit the bridge, the piano started to roll away.  I was quite angry for the rest of the night, but the audience was amused.  Here is the video of that performance. Continue reading “Clocks At Coffee House”