Network Overhaul, and the Addition of an R710

My lab has been running pretty stable now for at least a solid year, so naturally it is time to make some changes.  I have some new things I want to experiment with that I just don’t have the flexibility for.  I have to completely overhaul my rack and everything in it, and I have some points that will hopefully make my compute environment more conducive to my compute goals and planned future experimentation.

I have certain things that I need to keep stable, like this site and, so I know I have to have a stable platform under everything.  I also want to keep my power consumption as low as feasibly possible, eliminate points of failure, add redundancy, and improve my backup and restore capabilities.  On top of all of that, I also want to have a dedicated box dedicated solely to hosting a virtual lab environment for penetration testing and learning new software.  The most logical answer, was to pickup a Dell PowerEdge R710 on eBay, and use that as my primary hypervisor.  That should give me enough processing power to run all of my standard mission critical services, while keeping my power consumption reasonable.

On my todo list is to experiment with PCI Passthrough so I can virtualize  my file and backup services.  I can’t even begin to express how much I love the separation of services.  I have grown very fond of Docker in recent months, and have big role for it in my upcoming lab revision.  File and backup services is the only thing that would need PCI Passthrough, as I use a Dell PowerVault MD1000 to host all of my 2tb  Hitachi drives.  Otherwise, everything should be fairly straight forward.


More posts on the subject to come…

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