Oakflat Nuclear Power Plant Simulator

I recently came across a video that I saw a few years back.  I don’t know why I never tried to play it before, but this time I looked around online for the game, and gave it a shot.

I’m really not a gamer aside from an occasional hour of CSGO or Minecraft, but this game caught my eye.  Released in 1992, Oakflat Nuclear Power Plant Simulator lets players take control of a nuclear generating station, and try to maximize efficiency while keeping plant damage low.  Once I figured out how to play, I was hooked for the afternoon.  Players will need a little background knowledge of the overall process at nuclear generating stations, but that’s pretty simple.  There are plenty of resources scattered about the internet, so I won’t go into much detail here.  This is a good basics video.


My first few attempts at running the plant resulted in catastrophic failures, so I tried to run the plant in automatic mode a couple of times.  Doing this allowed me to see the way the computer thought was the most efficient way to run the plant.   After that, I was able to successfully run the plant until the fuel was depleted.

At the end of the day, I had enjoyed a couple of hours of trying to keep a nuclear generating station in balance.  Here’s how to get started if you are interested.

  1. Download and install DOSBox.  This is an MS-DOS emulator, and it can run software was designed to run on old DOS PCs.
  2. Download the Oakflat from this URL.  You are going to want the DOS version.  Copy all of the files in the zip directory to a folder of your choosing.  I keep my DOSBox executable in the same directory as my Oakflat directory for easy access.
  3. Lower the CPU frequency on your DOSBox.  The default of 3000 cycles is way too fact for the game to be playable.  I find that somewhere around 400-800 is the playable range.
  4. Mount the directory in DOSBox.  Use the command “mount C: oakflat” to mount your game to the C drive.  Change “oakflat” to the name of your directory.  To run that command as it is, you have to have the game directory in the same directory as your DOSBox executable, otherwise you will have to provide the absolute path.
  5. Run the command “oakflat”
  6. Enjoy!


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