The Jukebox: The Beginning

Since the beginning of January of this year, I have spent most of my weekends at my High School’s wood shop constructing a jukebox to be used as a set piece for the school’s production of Grease! this March.Shortly before Montclair went on winter break, I texted my High School wood shop teacher and asked him is he had anything for me to do regarding musical set construction, as I haven’t been in the shop since this past June and was itching to build something.  His response was “we need to construct a juke box with lights.”  I immediately started thinking of how to make this thing as spectacular as possible.  I designed a model in Sketchup based off of a Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox.

After New Year’s, we started working in the shop on the project.  I brought my model in and we made adjustments as we saw necessary, but that was mostly just scaling it up so it appears large enough on stage.  During the first weekend of work, we were able to construct the basic frame.  We found a flat that if resized slightly, would have been the perfect size.  After making some slight modifications to the flat, we were set to start building the front and back walls.  These went up quickly — only taking a day or two to complete.  After this we took a couple of weekends to work on some other set pieces, so the jukebox sat untouched for a while.

This article proofread by Ayanna Ferguson

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