The Jukebox: Lights Part Two

The day after we managed to get both our inner and outer circuits working, it was time to install the final bit of lighting on the jukebox: the strips to illuminate the record player.  I had some help from a friend called Shanice to lie the jukebox on its back, and she installed the first four strips.  After she left to rehearse (she is actually in the musical), I took over and installed the rest and wired them together.  I used the twisted pairs from the inside of the Cat5e cable I was using (that I originally bought two years ago for the Fog Machines for Into The Woods) to wire these strips together.

In order to be physically able to install these strips, we had to actually sit in the record player compartment, and this was extremely uncomfortable.

These strips light up the record player compartment, so they are directly connected to the battery and only stay white.  Low angle pictures make this thing look incredibly badass.

At this point, we just need a large capacity 12 volt battery for the lights (we are looking at lawn mower batteries at this point), and a way to step that down to 5 volts for the 328.  I was originally planning on powering the controller from a USB battery charger, but for simplicity’s sake, have decided to try to build a simple voltage regulator circuit.  This will allow for turning on and off the entire system from one switch.  There are a few more finishing touches design wise, and this beast will be done.


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