My Cats

Anybody who has met me in person knows how important my cats are to me.  Meet Bella (Black), Zita (Grey), and Mylo (Tuxedo).  Bella is very flighty; calling her “Dory” might have been more appropriate.  Zita is the eldest of the three, and is very personable… But only on her schedule.  Mylo can only think about food and sleep.

Zita was found in the middle of the road shortly after hurricane Sandy barreled through New Jersey.  She was determined to find a home or die trying.  Bella and Mylo are litter-mates, and were born in the flowerbed of a house in the township.  The homeowner put the kittens up for adoption, we ended up adopting two of the five.  (The other three were also adopted and cared for well)