Installing apcupsd-cgi on Ubuntu / Debian

Recently, my interest was piqued by a post on Reddit where someone fed UPS status data into their LibreNMS dashboard. After searching for about 5 seconds, I found that this very 90’s looking status page was created by a package called “apcupsd-cgi”. I couldn’t find much in the way of documentation, so I’ve written this guide in the hopes that it benefits someone who wants to be able to simply see all of their important UPS stats in one place.

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My Colocation Deployment

How this Started

Hosting this site along with a few others, I have come to realize that 5mbps of upload bandwidth is not enough for web hosting.  This site’s home page sometimes took as much as 23 seconds to fully load.  This was completely unacceptable to me, as I am also hosting a website for my DJ business, and need that one to load as quickly as possible.  So back in late September or early October, I made a post on r/homelab asking for people’s recommendations for cheap 1u colocation.  I had a Poweredge R330 that I wanted to run with more WAN bandwidth, and highly available WAN and power.  I figured this would get me the faster loading times and better uptime I was looking for.  Someone reached out and told me that they had a few rack spaces available in their colocation rack that they weren’t using, and were willing to rent out a space to me  for a reasonable price.  We discussed logistics and agreed that when my hardware was properly configured, I would send the system out to him to install.

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Delaware Valley Regional High School Staff Talent Show 2018

December 20th was a busy day for me, I had a Calculus final and a talent show to play in all in just a couple of hours.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of my  (now ex girlfriend), who drove us from Montclair back to my house so I could grab my instruments in time to fly back to Del Val to get setup.

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Bringing In The New Year With a Cluster of Network Problems

I always seem to have issues, particularly with my network, in clusters.

I caught the flu New Year’s Eve, and was out of service for about a week. During the first day or two of being sick, my R710 running Proxmox and all of my VMs had an issue and kernel panicked. I didn’t get any details as to what the exact issue was because I was too out of it.  I did try to restart it, but had no luck.  It never managed to fully boot.  While I was sick, I was able to re-install Proxmox to a new RAID 1 array (PVE was previously installed on a a flash drive, and I think that had something to do with the problem) and restore all of my backed up VMs. I was still pretty out of it while I did this, but everything worked fine after and I was relieved that everything was working again – home-assistant was controlling all of the outside lights, the telephone system was working, and the websites I host were back up.

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Del Val Dreams For Kids Basketball Game 2018

We were tired after the Friday night Knight’s Challenge, but pushed forward on through the next night.  I met up with Ophelie outside Del Val at around 10 in the morning, and we got started getting equipment into the building.  Once everything was inside, we had the arduous task of untangling the cables from the night before.  This took a while, but we had arrived so early, I really wasn’t worried about anything time wise.  The system was a little more in depth than I normally have, as the acoustics of this space are particularly challenging.  The first step was to setup and tune the Main PA.  This was my standard Yamaha Club V rig  (two S115vs and one CW118v).  It sounded okay when running through the automatic tuning program in the DriveRack PA2, but when it started to turn the volume up to be loud enough for the measurements at the back of the gym, the reverberations started to become overwhelming.  The generated EQ curve of the gym sounded alright once it was applied.  Once the automatic tuning was done, I made a couple of adjustments per my preferences, particularly a pretty decent boost at 75 hertz to get a little bit of the kick drums in songs to carry throughout the gym.

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Knight’s Challenge 2018

This is going to be the fifth year that Mystic Rhythms has DJ’d Kingwood Township School’s Knight’s Challenge event.  For those of you who are not familiar with the event, it is a series of team based relay events to raise money for the local volunteer rescue squad and fire department and the 8th grade trip to Washington DC.  It’s always an enjoyable night, and rather casual on the DJ end.  If we make a mistake, it’s really not a big deal, making it an excellent warm up gig.  Of course, it it optimal to not have any issues at all, but when there are large gaps in time between gigs, mistakes and other problems are inevitable.

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