Migrating LDAP Servers With Nextcloud/ Owncloud

Those of you who have seen any of my previous posts know that I have an arsenal of PowerEdge 2950s.  I am trying to move away from the 2950s for the purpose of power efficiency and have been consolidating all of my VMs and Docker containers to one Dell R710 running Proxmox.  Most of the services were an easy move, as the migration only involved sliding over a Virtual machine and reconfiguring the network adapter.  There are two major exceptions to this, one being the MySQL server (which is currently running as a docker container), and the other is the LDAP server.  The LDAP server migration isn’t really a problem on it’s own, but the fact that I am going to be using FreeIPA for SSO across my network is.  Basically, I needed to move my Nextcloud users from the existing LDAP server to the IPA server.

A quick search on Google turns up very little useful information.  The only thing I found was a post (which I can’t find anymore) that suggested it would be necessary to manually change some things in the “ldap_user_mapping” table in the database.  This is actually a pretty simple task, but it took me a while to figure out some of the FreeIPA specific LDAP settings in Nextcloud.  The first thing is to make sure the two “objectclass” references both equal “person”, and not “inetOrgPerson”.  One reference is under Users>Edit LDAP Query, and the second reference is under Login Attributes> Edit LDAP Query.  Those two settings kept me from getting this to work for a couple of hours.  The next step is to go to the Advanced>Directory Settings tab and make sure the “User Name Display Field” is set to “displayName”.  Finally, head over to the Advanced tab and set the Internal Username Attribute and both UUID Attribute boxes to “ipaUniqueID”.  This UUID is how Nextcloud keeps track of users.

The problem now is that your existing users, when logging in to the new LDAP server, will be presented with a new account.  This is not optimal if you already have calendars, contacts, and files already stored in your Nextcloud account.  The best way around this that I can tell is to login with the new user account so a new user account mapping is created, and to copy the old UUID to the new user.  Just make sure you change something on the old user, as the UUID field is the primary key for that table, meaning there can’t be records with the same UUID value.

The Jukebox: The End

We were supposed to see the Friday and Saturday night showings of Grease, but due to a nor’easter that blew through on Friday, the Friday show was canceled and rescheduled to Sunday.  So finally, on Saturday night, I was able to see our jukebox light up on stage for the first time.  It worked flawlessly.  I was worried about the lights not being bright enough to outshine the stage lights, but the jukebox ended up being bright enough to color the set pieces despite the stage lights being on at full power… And that was with the white vinyl tubing around the lights.  We ended up using a 12 volt 10 amp mains transformer to power everything, but the particular adapter we bought ended up getting fried on closing night.  The lights on the jukebox only pulled about 6 amps,  but the adapter had trouble powering everything.  I think the 10 amp rating was pretty liberal.  The fog system that I built with Chaz for Into The Woods looked fantastic as well, and made a huge impact with the moving lights the school rented for the show.  Great job to the Delaware Valley Regional High School Theater department!

Right at the end of the Sunday showing, we took some pictures with the jukebox, but there are two problems with the pictures.  Not everybody who worked on the project is in the picture, and the lights aren’t on (Because they were fried by this point.  We will get that replaced and the jukebox will most likely be loaned out to other area high schools for their theater productions.

It took a lot of work, planning and wiring, but I am very happy with the way this came out.  A big shoutout to Dante (wiring, building the red and white button bar, speaker grille, record player, and other trim work, troubleshooting shorted jumpers, and soldering over 1000 connections), Hayleigh (cutting those 1000 jumpers, cutting other wires), Lucy (painting), Ophelie (painting and moral support), Shanice (installing some of the record player cavity light strips), and Mr. Josh Paul (keeping us from doing anything stupid and dangerous, moral support).

Thank you to Mr. Clinton Ambs for giving us this opportunity to learn by doing while building something so fantastic.  Without him, I never would have had these opportunities to learn while building systems for the theater department.

Clocks At Coffee House

When I was a Freshman in high school, I covered Coldplay’s Clocks on piano for an event called “Coffee House,” which is basically an open mic night.  Right before I should have hit the bridge, the piano started to roll away.  I was quite angry for the rest of the night, but the audience was amused.  Here is the video of that performance. Continue reading “Clocks At Coffee House”